What’s Included?

Qmf Provides

  • Ten farmhouse tables (seats 8-only to be used indoors)
  • Ivory or Burlap runners for the farmhouse tables
  • Up to five 60″ round tables (Each table seats 8 comfortably, 10 maximum–additional tables can be rented)
  • Up to 4 rustic table tops set on Barrels, (Two 6′ Two 8′)
  • Buffet table- 16′ long, Rustic barn wood on barrels.
  • Rectangle Folding Tables
  • Up to 150 chairs (additional chairs and tables can be rented)*
  • Up to 5 Linens to cover our round tables. (Choose from a variety of colors-additional can be rented)
  • Variety of basic centerpieces, lanterns, and other decorations to choose from.
  • Table and Chair set up, take down and clean up
  • T.V. with HDMI cord
  • Bridal Suite Dressing Room
  • Groom Dressing Room
  • Full Kitchen (for warming and staging purposes only)
  • Standard size refrigerator and freezer
  • Stove & Oven (for warming purposes only)
  • Microwave
  • Three Public Restrooms
  • Day Coordinator who will be available to make sure your event runs smoothly
  • Additional Staff provided as we deem necessary


Alcohol is allowed. There is an alcohol service fee of $500 assessed when alcohol is to be brought in. In addition, you are required to hire a bartender from our preferred vendor list. No alcohol is permitted on premises until the hired bartender has arrived. The bartender must remain at Quiet Meadow (paid by you) from the moment the alcohol arrives and until the alcohol leaves the premises. The bar can be open for 4 hours maximum. (Request a copy of the contract for more details). No Smoking due to high fire danger near the mountain and grain fields except in the Smoking Area provided.

Request contact for more information.

No dogs or other animals are allowed unless cleared first by Quiet Meadow Farm Staff.
Quiet Meadow Farm staff does not assist in any food service (serving, clearing, etc.). Please plan accordingly.