Quiet Meadow Farm Policies:

  • You have the venue scheduled from 2pm-10pm for evening events or 8am-12:30pm for morning events. This includes vendor arrival, set-up, and take-down.
  • Due to the limited number of events at our venue we cannot allow for rehearsals to be done on-site. We do recommend you know the order of the procession and which side the bride and groom will stand on to prevent confusion. Your day coordinator will help with timing on the day of your event.
  • You are required to use our preferred vendors for the Caterer, DJ, and Bartender (if needed). The others are just suggestions to help you in your planning. Please note that Live Bands are not permitted. Homemade food is not permitted. All food must be commercially prepared.
  • Alcohol fee is $300 which includes a bar and additional staff to monitor. You are required to hire one of our preferred bartenders. See contract for more details.
  • Max capacity is 300 guests (225 for winter season). Please plan accordingly.
  • Due to the noise ordinance in the area our maximum decibel level is 89 decibels. Our DJ’s are trained on our rules.
  • All event item rentals (i.e. tables, chairs, plates, flatware, stemware etc.) must go through our office in order to arrange delivery.
  • We do not allow dropping off food or decorations before your scheduled time. Please plan accordingly.
  • Sparklers, cold sparkler machines, confetti, glitter, rice, bird seed, real or artificial flower petals (except for use during the ceremony) or anything similar.
  • Bounce Houses, Mechanical Bulls, or Carnival Rides are prohibited.
  • Lawn games must be pre-approved. We do have some lawn games available if wanted.
  • Do not plan to bring dogs or other pets. Exceptions are only given with prior approval for animals that are in the ceremony or service animals.
  • As your day gets closer we will send you an email instructing you on how to schedule your final planning with your day coordinator. We recommend you don’t bring a lot of people to this appointment in order to get your special day the way YOU want it.



    Sound and music are VERY important for a wedding day but can often be overlooked. At Quiet Meadow Farm, we highly recommend hiring one of our Professional preferred DJ’s. We do not allow any DJ’s that are not on our preferred list. They have been carefully selected and know how to place their equipment so that they get the best sound quality, while also keeping within Mapleton City’s noise ordinance. Sometimes couples will ask if they can bring their own sound equipment-which is not allowed other than a “boombox” style sound system that is small enough for one person to carry. However, after observing hundreds of weddings, we have seen the positive impact a quality DJ can make in adding to the ambiance and magic of your special day. It is important for your guests to be able to hear the ceremony and announcements, which is difficult to achieve on your own system.


Other Suggestions for a great wedding:

  • For maximum enjoyment and comfort for you and your guests, we recommend you don’t start the ceremony until around 4 or 5pm.
  • If you plan to have speeches have only 2 or 3 short speeches. Open Mics can be hard to control and we have seen them go wrong before!
  • Food: Have something sweet AND savory for your guests.
  • If you plan to use food trucks we recommend at least 1 food truck per 100 guests. If your event is larger, plan for more food trucks. Food trucks are fun but it typically means that your guests are spending a lot of time in line.
  • Provide water for your guests before the caterer or bartender arrives.
  • Talk to your officiant about how you want the ceremony to go–let them know exactly what you want.
  • Wedding Planners and Caterers nationwide use this formula to estimate guest count: Count invited relatives 100% and other guests at 50% attendance.